Refund Policy

All air tickets are complete NON-REFUNDABLE. We also provide no refunds for early checkouts. In case you choose to cancel your booking after a re-confirmationduring trade fares, aren't up for refund. Most of the bookings at Vaccation Travelsfollow a strict cancellation date;you can seek a refund prior to the cancellation date. However, wereserves the right of indemnity against any type of loss caused due to damages.

Cancellation Policy

Our services and fares come highly discounted socustomers should understand that this also means the airline will not be able to refund any of the tickets. Once you have made any flight ticket purchases it is non-refundable and we do not allow name changes. However, refunds are available on other kinds of booking and the cancellation amount depends on the gap between cancellation and date of travel.

So you are advised to approach us at least a day before the departure date to change your tickets.